Wardrobe Transition Tips for Cooler Temps!

I’ve officially switched over my wardrobe + all summer clothes are a distant memory. The temperatures are dropping, but I guess I did want this. To ease myself into the cooler conditions and dressing for crazy weather, I decided to put together some helpful tips on staying warm & looking cute. There will even be some tips on rotating your summer pieces into fall & winter! Keep reading for my favorite ways to transition into cooler temps!


fall outfit inspo 2017

what to wear transitional weather

transitional weather

Tis the season for transitional outfits & weather! Before we know it, winter will be upon us. But before I get ahead of myself, I wanted to get into transitional outfits. It’s hard when it is colder in the morning and warmer during the day, am I right? I always check the weather apps but sometimes Mother Nature has her own agenda. Here are my favorite ways to be ready for these transitional temps!

1. Layering!

Pretty sure this goes without saying and you probably do it. Layering is the best for temperatures that fluctuate because you can have a thin shirt on under a sweater and be warmer, or pop off the sweater and still be put together! Just tie that sweater off your shoulders or around your waist. If you’re a city dweller, you probably have a bag that you can throw it in too. I also like to layer tees under jackets on warmer days, because it tends to get cooler at night!

2. Pack your accessories

Accessories can help you take your fall looks to the next level. They can also be the pieces you need in the cooler months. Now we all need them in true winter, but I’m talking Fall right now. Try a cute beret like this one (I’m obsessed, if you haven’t noticed) or a fun & colorful beanie. I was pretty shy at rocking it at first, but it’s so cute and does help keep me warm! Scarves are also perfect for accessorizing. You can wear them a million different ways, but I love a good double wrap for colder days. Scarves look good in so many ways, so go crazy with your accessories to welcome the cooler months!

3. Midi Skirts

I will miss summer because I love wearing skirts, but it doesn’t have to end! Midi skirts are a serious statement this fall. You can wear them with or without tights, and they can be dressed in so many ways! I love this polka dot version like mine above, which is super easy to throw on and run out the door. Keep your midi skirts for the upcoming winter season ladies. Even if they have a summer vibe, color is big for winter! Try out some fall colors too, like this one!

4. Lightweight Knitwear

Let’s save the heavy knits for the coldest and brisk days. I like to wear lightweight knitwear in the months leading up to winter. Layering also comes into play here, so layering those knits with a heavier coat that you don’t mind carrying around. Your summer knits are perfect for this. You can still wear these lighter sweaters and you’ll stay warm without over heating! I love this option.

I hope you guys enjoyed my tips and recent looks. Let’s enjoy Fall while we can with transitional weather! In the meantime, check out my favorite skincare products for the cooler weather here.


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